July 22, 2016


Warehouse Gym Expert ’s main focus is to transform fitness coaches and personal trainers into well-advised and knowledgeable business owners.  We believe that by enrolling in our online programs, warehouse gym owners will be able to achieve business success while helping their members reach their fitness goals.

Warehouse Gym Expert currently offers 20 lesson plans with more lessons being launched every week. Each lesson is structured with every professional level in mind, so whether you are just starting your warehouse gym or you notice a few missing elements from your internal processes, there is an online lesson applicable to you. Our mission is to help you “build your gym one lesson at a time.”

Online Lessons Include:

• Setting up Contracts
• Implementing a member management program
• Using the proper waivers
• Creating various membership options
• Social media dominance
• Picking the right insurance
• Marketing like it’s your job
• And more…

How Warehouse Gym Expert Came About?

It makes sense.  Most gym owners don’t graduate with a Bachelor’s in Business, they were former athletes who just loved to train. They took their passion for training and wanted to share that with others.  A common misconception for these business owners was that if you “build it, they will come.” Unfortunately, the masses didn’t come, and neither did the income.

The only difference between me and the other gym owners is that I knew I needed help. After my first year and barely scraping by, I knew if I didn’t make a drastic change I would lose my business and my dream of owning a gym. For the last 3 years, I have worked with some of the best business consulting groups in the world that have helped shape my understanding about running a business.

Today I consider myself a better business owner than I am coach (and I’m a pretty damn good coach). Take the information that I developed for Warehouse Gym Expert and apply as much as you can – as soon as you can. I did it and it saved my life and my gym.

If you’re ever in Naples, Florida come visit us. Workout is free. Just let one of my coaches know you’re a subscriber of Warehouse Gym Expert!

Bio of Mario Ashley – Founder of Warehouse Gym Expert

mario-headshotMy name is Mario Ashley.  I own Naples Strength and Conditioning. I’m just like you. I’m in the trenches everyday striving to be the best coach and business owner I can be. The lesson plans offered by Warehouse Gym Expert comes from my experience running a gym for the last 6 years and my prior career as a personal trainer for the last 10.

The inspiration for Warehouse Gym Expert came from my relationships with other gym owners who were amazing coaches but lacked the business acumen to make a successful living out of it. They would do anything for the clients, but at the end of the day the numbers didn’t add up and a 60 hour-work-week wasn’t enough to make it worthwhile. As time went on, they were burnt out and could never make their dreams come to fruition.

Do you want to make a difference? Find out what distinguishes the Warehouse Gym owner from the commercial gym owner, here.