Definition of a Warehouse Gym

With the explosion of CrossFit™ gyms around the world over the last decade the Warehouse Gym has become one of the fastest growing types of gyms around the world. In contrast to the commercial gym, defined by its big spaces, fancy machinery, and large volume of memberships, the commercial gym has actually helped the Warehouse Gym become more popular. In an article published by Dustin Rowles titled: How Low-Cost Gyms Like Planet Fitness Psychologically Manipulate Members Into NOT Going To The Gym, he explained how commercial gyms exceed the capacity of which their gym can actually handle at any one time with the understanding that more than 50% of the membership base will not show up more than once:

Planet Money had about 6,000 members, and yet the facility itself could only accommodate about 300 people at a time. If all the members who signed up actually went, franchises like that Planet Fitness would have to charge far more than $10 a month.

This is where the Warehouse Gym owner is able to make a difference while making a great living. Warehouse Gyms operate totally opposite of the commercial gym model. Focusing more on each individual with the understanding that the success of their client is based on them showing up every week. Simply stated if the client doesn’t get the results they expect they quit. Which means less income for you.

The average income of well run Warehouse Gyms that I’ve come across gross around $250,000-$500,000 with a membership base between 150-200 members! That is an ACV (average client value) between $150-$250/month.

This is where my expertise comes in to play. I realized early on that there were some really great coaches and trainers doing some really great things when it came to getting the results their clients desired but they lacked the second major attribute of a thriving Warehouse Gym, they had no idea how to run a business! Overtime these coaches burnt out. They were working long hours committing their heart and souls to help these clients but it wasn’t turning a profit or making enough to make it worth while.

It is my mission to “Professionalize the Warehouse Gym”. I have done this in my own business previously Naples Strength and Conditioning, now CrossFit Naples by offering an exceptional coaching staff combined with sound business principles that any Warehouse Gym owner can follow.

If you’re thinking of opening a Warehouse Gym or already own a small gym of some kind these LESSONS will put you on the right track to building a thriving business you are proud of.

Let’s build your business. One lesson at a time.


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